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  • First Hand Experience – William Schepp – Chemical Engineering Co-op – Rochester Institute of Technology - This is a blog written by William Schepp about his experience with Re:Build Optimation as a co-op from RIT. The work experience I have had through Optimation has been fantastic. It has been both enjoyable, and very challenging – allowing me to grow as an engineer and still feel supported. The projects I have been… Continue Reading
  • Optimation Company Culture – Grill and Toy Show Recap - At Optimation we like to create a culture of community, sharing, and free food always helps! Each summer we schedule a day to host a Grill Day and “Toy Show” at lunchtime.  This year was no exception, and the “toys” did not disappoint.  We even had 2 horses that our Director of Marketing brought to… Continue Reading
  • With Biofuel Going Green, Is Fossil Fuel Still A Promising Future? - Fossil fuel has empowered the world’s economy and moreover primary power generation for over 15 decades. This includes coal, oil, natural gas, etc., and has been supplying around 80% of the world’s energy. The fact that fossil fuel is harmful to the environment isn’t news. Air pollution from various pollutants is harmful to the environment… Continue Reading
  • Is Anything Still Made in America? - It’s time to Re:Build American Manufacturing Toyota, a foreign-owned auto manufacturer, assembles the Tundra truck in Texas. Have you seen that hip new Santa Cruz truck-thing on the road?  It’s a Hyundai - assembled in Alabama. What about American auto brands?  Ford’s F150 is still made in Dearborn and Kansas City (for now) - but,… Continue Reading
  • Our Migration Toward Renewable Energy and a Green Future - George Jetson, patriarch of the Jetson family, and hero of the space age future was born July 31, 2022, or so the fact checkers claim.  The Jetsons show was based on life 100 years in the future of the show, created in the early 60s.  That means we still have another forty years before we… Continue Reading
  • Optimation Welcomes 4 New Apprentices - Optimation welcomed 4 new apprentices this week! Here's a bit about each...     Donovan Campbell started out stitch welding and wanted to further his education, so when he saw this job posted at Optimation he took advantage of the opportunity. He says that life brought him here, he was always job bouncing and decided… Continue Reading
  • Re:Build Optimation has Recently Surpassed 600,000 hours without a Lost Time Injury. - Re:Build Optimation has recently surpassed 600,000 hours without a Lost Time Injury. This is significant in the construction, engineering, and manufacturing industries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, on average, construction companies will have a Lost Time Injury Rate (LTIR) of 1.2 during a year.  This is based on 200 Employees and the constant… Continue Reading
  • Reducing Downtime with 3 Innovative Upgrade Approaches - Re:Build Optimation Reveals Biggest Challenges and Solutions in Manufacturing Downtime Downtime in manufacturing is one of the most costly problems in the industry. Recent studies show that downtime in manufacturing can cost up to an average of $260,000 an hour, with an average downtime of 800 hours per year. That’s over $200 million dollars in… Continue Reading
  • American Manufacturing: Curiosity, Diligence, & Luck - Table of Contents:  Introduction: Curiosity The Original Mr. Peanut: George Washington Carver Re:Build Optimation & Peanuts The Lightbulb that created Ford Motor Co.  Optimation & Cars Robotic Arms On Johnny Carson Industrial Automation from Re:Build Optimation Conclusion  Urban legend tells us that there was a time in American history when parents cautioned children that “Curiosity… Continue Reading
  • Transformation Beyond 2050: Sustainability and the Chemical Plant of the Future - Rapid Scale-up of Lab Chemistry to Production Scale If you have ever interviewed contractors for a remodeling job in your home, you’ve likely heard the age-old quip, “Cheap, Fast, or Perfect, pick 2”.  As the phrase indicates, cheap (or shall we say, “palatable price point”) can only be paired with either speed or perfection.  You… Continue Reading
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