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  • Reducing Downtime with 3 Innovative Upgrade Approaches - Re:Build Optimation Reveals Biggest Challenges and Solutions in Manufacturing Downtime Downtime in manufacturing is one of the most costly problems in the industry. Recent studies show that downtime in manufacturing can cost up to an average of $260,000 an hour, with an average downtime of 800 hours per year. That’s over $200 million dollars in… Continue Reading
  • American Manufacturing: Curiosity, Diligence, & Luck - Table of Contents:  Introduction: Curiosity The Original Mr. Peanut: George Washington Carver Re:Build Optimation & Peanuts The Lightbulb that created Ford Motor Co.  Optimation & Cars Robotic Arms On Johnny Carson Industrial Automation from Re:Build Optimation Conclusion  Urban legend tells us that there was a time in American history when parents cautioned children that “Curiosity… Continue Reading
  • Transformation Beyond 2050: Sustainability and the Chemical Plant of the Future - Rapid Scale-up of Lab Chemistry to Production Scale If you have ever interviewed contractors for a remodeling job in your home, you’ve likely heard the age-old quip, “Cheap, Fast, or Perfect, pick 2”.  As the phrase indicates, cheap (or shall we say, “palatable price point”) can only be paired with either speed or perfection.  You… Continue Reading
  • Green Plastics: The Green New Plastic Deal - Table of Contents Role of Plastics in Our Society How Plastics Impacts Our Daily Lives What Effects Do Plastics have on the Environment LIST: Impacts of Plastics on our Ecological World Social & Economic Implications of Using Plastic Transition to Renewable Plastics What is Green Plastic? Types of Green or Eco-Friendly Plastic Benefits of Eco-Friendly… Continue Reading
  • Validating Your Safety Success - Written By: Jonathan Shaffer, CSP Director, Safety Re:Build Optimation Technology             When amongst my professional peers I am asked a familiar question: How do you validate your safety success?  Along comes the most familiar diatribe of metrics, lagging and leading indicators, incident rates, etc.  It can get boring if you’re… Continue Reading
  • Two Optimation Engineers Recognized in Local Engineering Society - Congratulations to Jim Farnham, Director of Automation & Controls and to Peter Sherer, Senior Technical Sales Engineer, for being selected by the Rochester Engineering Society as Engineers of Distinction 2022! Every year the Rochester Engineering Society selects an outstanding engineer or engineers from the community to honor as a “Rochester Engineer of Distinction” at their… Continue Reading
  • Robotic Integration & Industrial Automation Solutions - Automation is key to simplifying your manufacturing, assembly, shipping, and inspection operations. To know exactly where the automation technology will be most useful, a robotic integration expert analyzes your facility and processes to come up with a customized solution. A robotic integration company can advise customers on the most appropriate applications of robotics as well… Continue Reading
  • Pharmaceutical Automation - The international pharmaceutical industry must comply with strict government standards and industry regulations. The industry also faces challenges regarding higher drug prices, product quality, efficiency, and time to market. Since the start of the digital era, automation has simplified these problems and helped life science and pharmaceutical companies maintain compliance with all regulatory requirements. Let’s… Continue Reading
  • Manufacturing Predictions for 2022 - Reshoring, Supply Chain Strategy, and Rebuilding American Infrastructure There have been dramatic shifts in both the needs and the realities of manufacturing in the United States over the past two years.  These changes are reflected in the expected trends in manufacturing we are seeing in 2022.  In the recent past, US manufacturing trends were driven… Continue Reading
  • Types of Industrial Automation Systems - Industrial automation is the use of robots, computers, and information technologies for handling various industrial processes and machinery while reducing human involvement. By eliminating the need for manual processes and human decision-making, industrial automation results in improved productivity, enhanced quality and safety, flexibility, high information accuracy, and lower operating costs. These benefits have made industrial… Continue Reading
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