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  • Cellulosic Ethanol Fuels The Future (A Comparison To Traditional Ethanol Production) - In today's world, the demand for sustainable fuel options is higher than ever before. As we face mounting concerns over climate change, rising fuel costs, and dwindling natural resources, the need for renewable energy alternatives is more pressing than ever before. This is where cellulosic ethanol comes in as a game-changer. This biofuel is made… Continue Reading
  • Admit it… You’re a Nerd. - Nerd. Yes, I called you that. Own it. It’s modern chic.  It’s the new cool.  And it’s going to save the USA. If you were temporarily offended then you may be focused on antiquated notions of nerddom such as the 1984 hit comedy Revenge of the Nerds where characters like “Booger” were the epitome of… Continue Reading
  • The Pasta Process: Mass Manufacturing in Food and Beverages - If you’ve ever visited Rochester, NY - the home of Re:Build Optimation - you likely know that some of the best Italian Food outside of New York City is found right here.  From Mr. Dominic’s to Antoinetta’s for a business lunch, or to Ronconne’s and The Northside Inn, Rochesterians know what good pasta is because… Continue Reading
  • Women & Wrenches Day 2023 - On Thursday March 2nd Edison Career and Technical High School in Rochester hosted a “Women and Wrenches Day” for Junior and Senior class women enrolled in the schools “Manufacturing Pathway” curriculum. Re: Build Optimation partnered in this event with the City of Rochester, Monroe Community College, and the Rochester Technology and Manufacturing Association. The focus… Continue Reading
  • Shortage of Skilled Trades in America - Written by Steve Alvito, Project Manager at Re:Build Optimation The shortage of workers in the Skilled Trades has been well documented in recent years.  An aging population of tradespeople are retiring in great numbers and a gap exists in the experience quotient of younger replacements.  This is especially magnified in the industrial sector where project… Continue Reading
  • Evaluating 2022 Manufacturing Trends & Applying what US Manufacturers learned to 2023 - With 2022 in our rearview mirror it's important to look back on the progress and trends that have emerged over the course of the year to best strategize and plan for the future of your manufacturing business in 2023. There are six key factors that are essential in ensuring quality and quantity expansion in manufacturing:… Continue Reading
  • Welding & Fabrication and How Each Method Helps Your Projects - What is Welding and Fabrication? .. There are many ways to explain the terminology. Welding is the act of bonding two objects together, here at Re:Build Optimation we weld many different types of metals, and we occasionally weld plastics. There are a variety of methods in welding, such as MIG, TIG, STICK,…etc, where each has… Continue Reading
  • Is the Future of EVs Lithium Batteries or Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cells? - Blog written by Bill Pollock, General Manager There is a big push by many to make the days of the internal combustion engine-based vehicles limited.  In part this is driven by the marketplace, but the primary driver is government subsidies, tax credits and mandates.  When it’s finally gone what type of electric vehicle will take… Continue Reading
  • Technology As It Trends in 2023 - Blog written by General Manager Bill Pollock As technology continues to advance there are many trends to follow and countless changes to expect in 2023.  Without doubt, technology is moving at an ever-increasing pace.  There are too many advances happening to list them all.  Which trends might have a more immediate impact on the world… Continue Reading
  • Manufacturing Joy for the Holiday Season - Depending on who you talk to, the “reason for the season” can be various things.  To our Christian friends Jesus is the reason, and for our Jewish friends we celebrate the miracle of the lamp oil lasting 8 days for the Maccabees.  In modern days, many - if not most - of us find another… Continue Reading
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