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  • 5 Ways to Celebrate National Manufacturing Day - The first Friday of October every year has been designated as National Manufacturing Day. That day is set aside to proudly celebrate goods and services made in America.  This year, more than ever, we are proud to celebrate American innovation. American manufacturers have led the world in technical development for the past two centuries and… Continue Reading
  • Are you using a high powered SPC operating system to analyze your manufacturing process and product data? - Process Monitor (PM) has a long-term track record of eliminating production variability and saving manufacturers millions of dollars a year. “The core principle of the latent defect theory is that variation in manufacturing processes is the main culprit for defects, and eliminating variation will help eliminate defects, which will in turn eliminate the wastes associated… Continue Reading
  • Advice from Health & Safety Engineer Jonathan Shaffer, CSP - As we continue business operations, Optimation has been actively working on fabrications for manufacturing COVID-19 related medical equipment. This has been a boost in our pride of American manufacturing and its continued comeback over the past few years. Measured, steady, and decisive. This is what we’ve told ourselves at Optimation throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. From… Continue Reading
  • Implementing Your Next Capital Project Investment:  Is It Worth the Risk? - On several previous occasions I have been given the opportunity to blog about one of my passions; capital project execution and the application of a Phases and Gates methodology. As we have previously articulated, Phases and Gates is a shared approach to achieving a business goal, usually involving installing or upgrading manufacturing assets, shared between… Continue Reading
  • Meet Matt Rhode, Our New Business Development Engineer - My passion for all things mechanical and engineering go back to my early childhood. Whether it was trying to sell my mom on the idea that modifying a borrowed moped to go just a few MPH faster really was a good idea, or, convincing my brother to convert his skateboard into a street luge; I’ve… Continue Reading
  • Americans Love Engineering & Innovation: The Heroic Act of Innovation - Heroic Aptitude. I’m a handy guy.  I can build a table from scrap wood, maintain my car, and drywall a room pretty darn well. Even so, I fail as an innovator of physical products and designs.  Case in point, about 10 years ago my friend Sam was over for a family party and used our… Continue Reading
  • Skid-Based Production is Manufacturing’s “New Normal” - Whether it is for hand sanitizer, shampoo ingredients, a medical additive, or any of a thousand other process steps in a thousand different industries, producing chemistries and other products in a modular platform is increasingly the norm. More and more frequently we at Optimation are seeing requests, and opportunities, for modular or skid-based production and… Continue Reading
  • Calling All Entrepreneurs, Investors and American Manufacturers - There are HUGE opportunities for re-shoring and creating American jobs! This is an ideal time for venture capitalist and entrepreneurs to band together, identify needed items and invest in the factories that will manufacture these items here in the United States. In June the Department of Defense announced that it's partnering with the U.S. International… Continue Reading
  • Emerging from COVID-19 Restrictions One Step Ahead - It has been an interesting several months of attempting to service our clients under the pandemic related constraints. At Optimation, we have observed many of our clients who have, out of necessity, had to scale back their operations, including things like pursuing needed capital improvements to their manufacturing equipment. One market segment that we participate… Continue Reading
  • Optimation Technology has a new Chief Operating Officer, Wendy Smith - We  announced a new Chief Operating Officer this week. Wendy Smith, with over thirty years’ experience in plant operations and design and engineering services management, is excited to take on the challenge. “This new role is a wonderful blend of both of my engineering and manufacturing roots.  I am excited to bring those two worlds… Continue Reading
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