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  • Robotic Integration & Industrial Automation Solutions - Automation is key to simplifying your manufacturing, assembly, shipping, and inspection operations. To know exactly where the automation technology will be most useful, a robotic integration expert analyzes your facility and processes to come up with a customized solution. A robotic integration company can advise customers on the most appropriate applications of robotics as well… Continue Reading
  • Pharmaceutical Automation - The international pharmaceutical industry must comply with strict government standards and industry regulations. The industry also faces challenges regarding higher drug prices, product quality, efficiency, and time to market. Since the start of the digital era, automation has simplified these problems and helped life science and pharmaceutical companies maintain compliance with all regulatory requirements. Let’s… Continue Reading
  • Manufacturing Predictions for 2022 - Reshoring, Supply Chain Strategy, and Rebuilding American Infrastructure There have been dramatic shifts in both the needs and the realities of manufacturing in the United States over the past two years.  These changes are reflected in the expected trends in manufacturing we are seeing in 2022.  In the recent past, US manufacturing trends were driven… Continue Reading
  • Types of Industrial Automation Systems - Industrial automation is the use of robots, computers, and information technologies for handling various industrial processes and machinery while reducing human involvement. By eliminating the need for manual processes and human decision-making, industrial automation results in improved productivity, enhanced quality and safety, flexibility, high information accuracy, and lower operating costs. These benefits have made industrial… Continue Reading
  • How To Design-Build Anything - Re:Build Optimation operates in a number of sophisticated and fast-paced industries, designing and building advanced manufacturing processes for our clients.  Optimation is a experienced partner for our new and upgrading manufacturing clients due to the successful use of Design-Build project delivery methods. Across Re:Build Optimation, there is support for  9 Manufacturing Markets/Industries: Automotive / Aerospace… Continue Reading
  • Learn from the Masters – Why Optimation Has 458 Days Without a Time-Loss Safety Incident - And how we continue to improve to keep adding days to our record. 458 Days without a time-loss safety incident marks an essential milestone for the 200 tradespeople and engineers working with Re:Build Manufacturing. Safety, organization, and cleanliness ultimately save everyone time and money. Savvy customers see value in working with a visibly clean and… Continue Reading
  • Automation Upgrades – Why are they so important? - Do you bring your trash with you to your new house? Do you fix things that aren’t broken? Knowing these answers can help get through your automation upgrade. Optimation has become part of Re:Build Manufacturing and their Total Production Solutions group. The mission of our companies joining forces is to rebuild America’s manufacturing base, develop… Continue Reading
  • Potential of Photovoltaics in the US - With new advancements in technology emerging every day, advanced photovoltaics manufacturing has become one of the most exciting industries expecting new growth in the near future. Under the Biden Administration, the US has agreed to pursue aggressive innovation in renewables, especially in regards to high-tech innovations of the Solar power energy industry. The Green New… Continue Reading
  • American Manufacturing is Superior through Occupational Safety and Health - Optimation has been acquired by Re:Build Manufacturing, a company whose mission is to re-shore manufacturing back to the United States through technology and expertise. Their number one principle is caring for their team members and putting their safety before anything else. We concur with this statement, and it got us thinking about how American manufacturing… Continue Reading
  • Optimation Technology Joins Forces with Re:Build Manufacturing - Re:Build Manufacturing (https://www.rebuildmanufacturing.com/) announced the acquisition of Optimation Technology (Rochester, NY) significantly expanding and adding capabilities to their Total Production Solutions group. Optimation Technology (https://www.optimation.us/) provides complete engineering, design, fabrication, and installation of processing equipment and factory automation for a variety of industries. Optimation executes each project with high quality workflows, integrated cross-disciplinary teams, and… Continue Reading
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