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  • Technology As It Trends in 2023 - Blog written by General Manager Bill Pollock As technology continues to advance there are many trends to follow and countless changes to expect in 2023.  Without doubt, technology is moving at an ever-increasing pace.  There are too many advances happening to list them all.  Which trends might have a more immediate impact on the world… Continue Reading
  • Manufacturing Joy for the Holiday Season - Depending on who you talk to, the “reason for the season” can be various things.  To our Christian friends Jesus is the reason, and for our Jewish friends we celebrate the miracle of the lamp oil lasting 8 days for the Maccabees.  In modern days, many - if not most - of us find another… Continue Reading
  • New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Annual Fall Conference – NY BEST - Recap of the NY BEST conference held in Rochester, NY October 25th-26th written by Steve Beyer. Everything energy storage and batteries was discussed and debated at a recent conference in Rochester, NY. The NEW YORK BATTERY AND ENERGY STORAGE TECHNOLOGY consortium (NY-BEST https://ny-best.org/page/About NYBEST) of which Re:Build Optimation is a member, held their annual fall… Continue Reading
  • Re:Build Optimation Salutes Our Veterans – Thank You for Your Service - As I sat down to write a blog about Veteran’s Day 2022 for Re:Build Manufacturing Optimation I began with an anticipation that I’d discover how many employees at Re:Build Optimation are Veterans of the US Armed Forces who draw on their experiences to fuel their excellence at work.  While indeed I found this, I was… Continue Reading
  • Reflections on a Year of Change – One Year as ReBuilders - Blog Written by Bill Pollock, General Manager at Re:Build Optimation Reflections on a Year as a ReBuilder A year ago, Optimation Technology became part of Re:Build Manufacturing. As the name implies, their goal is to rebuild America's manufacturing base by creating meaningful and sustainable jobs in areas that have been deindustrialized over the past 20-30… Continue Reading
  • Two Years Without a Lost Time Injury – Reaching Our Goals and Furthering Our Expectations - Blog Written by Jonathan Shaffer; Director of Safety for Rochester. Re:Build Optimation Technology just accomplished one of our goals we set two years ago: Reduce our Lost Time Injuries to zero. Not only did we accomplish this feat, but we also reduced our OSHA recordable injuries to just one in the past 21 months.  We… Continue Reading
  • Roll-To-Roll Solar Cell Building Technology Advances: Cost-Effective PV Solutions For Manufacturers - Outline Part 3 Introduction The State of Solar Roll-to-Roll Production Optimation’s Capabilities "Solar energy is bound to be in our future. There's a kind of inevitability about it." -Jim Inhofe We may not know what the future has for us, but one thing is certain, solar is the present and the future. Solar panels are… Continue Reading
  • Test Systems for Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices - Life Sciences and medical device manufacturers all over the world rely on test and measurement systems during the production process. These systems play a key role in improving product quality and overall productivity. At Optimation, we have over 30 years of experience in providing quality test system integration to several industries, including life sciences, pharmaceutical… Continue Reading
  • Solar Panel Manufacturing: A Three Part Primer – Part Two - Outline Part Two Introduction Step-By-Step Manufacturing Guide Step 1: Purify Raw Material Step 2: Melt Material into ingots Step 3: Cut ingots into wafers Step 4: Wafer doping process Step 5: Semiconducting Step 6: Glass mounting Step 7: Testing Introduction Welcome to Part 2 of this two part primer on Solar Panel Manufacturing.  In part… Continue Reading
  • National Manufacturing Week – A Call to Action - Blog Written by General Manager Bill Pollock It’s National Manufacturing Week.  In the United States we’ve been celebrating National Manufacturing Week the second week in October for the last decade.  It’s a celebration of our national manufacturing success and expansion.  During these same years our national manufacturing capability and production has been declining year by… Continue Reading
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