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  • Advancing through COVID-19 While Maintaining Safety and Health - The COVID-19 pandemic has been a turbulent time for many manufacturers and other businesses. Balancing business needs with safety can be challenging, particularly when this pandemic disrupted supply chains, labor availability, and investment. Optimation has continually risen to this challenge by management the disruptions with strategic and thoughtful courses of action. We developed business continuation… Continue Reading
  • Glass Manufacturing in Rochester – Klug Systems by Optimation - Many people may not know that Rochester, NY is home to a company with significant contributions to the glass industry, Klug Systems by Optimation. Klug, the name it is most known by, can trace its roots back to the 1920s and 1930s when John Klug first founded the creatively named John L Klug Corporation. In… Continue Reading
  • Manufacturing Changes and Trends in 2021 - 2020 was a unique year in many ways for many reasons and for many people. This was true in the manufacturing industries as well as in education, medicine, and entertainment. The trends and the trajectory for manufacturing in the United States have shifted dramatically from what we were expecting a year ago. Many changes were… Continue Reading
  • Optimation Technology Hires 4 New Trades Apprentices - Optimation Technology has 4 new trades apprentices. Cierra Collins from Rochester, Matthew Wise from Ontario, Jake Ingalls from Cuba, and Morgan Spurr from Rochester started the beginning of their new careers on January 25th, 2021. Out of more than 50 applicants, these 4 rose to the top of our desired list, and we are ecstatic… Continue Reading
  • What Does a New President Mean for Manufacturing and U.S. Supply Chain? - The 46th President Must Prioritize Manufacturing in America. Joseph R. Biden, Jr. was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States on January 20th, 2021, urging a bitterly divided country to come together at a perilous time in American history while moving quickly to begin implementing his agenda. In the hours after his… Continue Reading
  • Being Thankful for…the Automation Solution Option You Didn’t Implement - Are Robots the Answer? During this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our customers, both new and longstanding, have been rethinking how they deploy their employees, and how they utilize process automation to manufacture their products. Mask wearing and social distancing have become the norm for the foreseeable future and guaranteeing the safety… Continue Reading
  • Improving Chemical Manufacturing in America - Optimation creates some of the most unique and innovative manufacturing processes and machines in the world. In order to do this, Optimation employees about a hundred engineers in a variety of industrial specialties and employs about a hundred tradesmen engaged in the industrial trades. Recently, I have been blogging about a few of our favorite… Continue Reading
  • Top Projects in Industrial Manufacturing - Optimation employees about a hundred engineers and a hundred tradesmen to create some of the most unique and innovative manufacturing machines in the world. I’ve been blogging about some of our favorite projects in the past. Some of our projects were done for large established companies while many others have been completed for small startup… Continue Reading
  • Manufacturing Pharmaceuticals in America - Do you remember the beginning of 2020? For me, I had just started my new gig here with Optimation as the Director of Marketing. I was bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to take on the world! Then, tragedy strikes, and our entire universe is flipped upside down. The words “global pandemic”, “coronavirus” and “COVID-19”… Continue Reading
  • Helping the Planet with Food Preservation and Carbon Emission Reduction - At Optimation we design and fabricate manufacturing equipment. We have about a hundred creative and inquisitive engineers and another hundred hard-working and talented tradesmen. Collaborating as a team, they can design and build almost anything. Our passion at Optimation is to grow the manufacturing base in the United States. We have a very diverse client… Continue Reading
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