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  • Automation Upgrades – Why are they so important? - Do you bring your trash with you to your new house? Do you fix things that aren’t broken? Knowing these answers can help get through your automation upgrade. Optimation has become part of Re:Build Manufacturing and their Total Production Solutions group. The mission of our companies joining forces is to rebuild America’s manufacturing base, develop… Continue Reading
  • Potential of Photovoltaics in the US - With new advancements in technology emerging every day, advanced photovoltaics manufacturing has become one of the most exciting industries expecting new growth in the near future. Under the Biden Administration, the US has agreed to pursue aggressive innovation in renewables, especially in regards to high-tech innovations of the Solar power energy industry. The Green New… Continue Reading
  • American Manufacturing is Superior through Occupational Safety and Health - Optimation has been acquired by Re:Build Manufacturing, a company whose mission is to re-shore manufacturing back to the United States through technology and expertise. Their number one principle is caring for their team members and putting their safety before anything else. We concur with this statement, and it got us thinking about how American manufacturing… Continue Reading
  • Optimation Technology Joins Forces with Re:Build Manufacturing - Re:Build Manufacturing (https://www.rebuildmanufacturing.com/) announced the acquisition of Optimation Technology (Rochester, NY) significantly expanding and adding capabilities to their Total Production Solutions group. Optimation Technology (https://www.optimation.us/) provides complete engineering, design, fabrication, and installation of processing equipment and factory automation for a variety of industries. Optimation executes each project with high quality workflows, integrated cross-disciplinary teams, and… Continue Reading
  • Optimation Technology is Growing Rapidly – Several Current Job Opportunities - Optimation Technology has been hiring to keep up with the large demand of new projects coming down the pipe. We have hired 12 new employees within the last year. Eugene Gallagher (Senior Controls Engineer), Tim Reynolds (Mechanical Designer), Nathan Winter (Mechanical Engineer), Ben Friedel (Controls Engineer), Chad Timothy (Truck Driver), Noah Robbins (Shipping and Receiving),… Continue Reading
  • Are you victim of bare minimum engineering? - Real life experience shared by Joseph (Joe) Sebastian, our Principal Engineer / Regional Manager Eastern Automation and Controls about some of the issues Optimation has run into when diving into an engineering project, specifically discussing the importance of documentation.  So, you have a new system, and it is working perfectly. Did you get everything you… Continue Reading
  • 4 Types of Robots You Should Know - We manufacturers know what a robot is and is not - and for all intents and purposes it’s not Data from Star Trek, Luke Skywalker’s sidekick, nor is it an angry AI bot from the new Netflix hit Mitchell’s versus The Machines (Hot Tip: If you have kids this is a must watch family fun… Continue Reading
  • Reshoring Manufacturing: Lessons from the COVID-19 Warp Speed Vaccine Project - A blog based on an interview with Bill Pollock, CEO of Optimation Manufacturing in America: No matter your level of awareness of why domestic manufacturing is of vital importance, the truth has always been that our safety and sovereignty as a nation are rooted in our ability to be resilient and independent. The so-called "global… Continue Reading
  • The Prevailing Reasons for Skid Based Systems in Manufacturing - Skid Based Systems are one type of innovative solution for designing new or modifying existing manufacturing processes. Skid systems are named for their ability to be fabricated in their entirety ready to subsequently be integrated into a process for either permanent or temporary use. When talking about the wide variety of designs and uses for… Continue Reading
  • Celebrating Safety: A Manufacturing Imperative - As manufacturers strive for a zero-incident workplace, they fight with realities like the 2nd law of thermodynamics. This law essentially says that entropy exists in nature and the natural course of entropy is the tendency of systems to go towards disorder. What that means for all human activity - be it manufacturing or making an… Continue Reading
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