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  • Simplified Incremental Manufacturing Improvements with Skid Systems - Many companies who manufacture goods frequently find themselves lacking resources, space, and time to invest in their business when it comes to improving or expanding their production processes.  Attempts to add new equipment, or shutdowns to existing equipment for upgrades, become disruptive and interfere with meeting production quotas; the additional work also stretches staff with… Continue Reading
  • Why system integrators should be technology agnostic - "If the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail." That old saying sounds a lot like the scenario that many system integrators perpetuate, by focusing on the solutions of only one hardware provider or technology.  Being good at something doesn't necessarily qualify you to apply that expertise to… Continue Reading
  • The Outlook for US Manufacturing in 2016 - At Optimation we support the manufacturing industries with engineering, design, and skilled trades’ services.  In part, our success is based on the strength and growth of the US manufacturing sector.  2015 was not one of our best years and we heard similar reports from many others providing industrial services.  2015 is a year when manufacturing… Continue Reading
  • Data Logging Communication System for Improved Maintenance - Ever see the "Check Engine" light come on in your car, and have no idea what could be wrong? For the Regional Transportation District (RTD) of Denver, this was the reality - except they didn't have a mechanic to plug in an instrument and give them a diagnosis. They had to shut their train down, walk… Continue Reading
  • High Pressure Testing Using LabVIEW and cRIO -   We've been building high pressure test systems for over seven years now. As our experience and knowledge has grown, so has our approach to turnkey high pressure test systems. I’ll also discuss how the cRIO platform has enabled reliability, and how domain knowledge has changed how I work.   The Test Systems Our systems enable… Continue Reading
  • Why You Should Attend NI We - NI Week begins Monday, and we're gearing up and heading to Austin. This is my first time attending NI Week, and it seems like there's so much to see and do. Exhibits, keynotes, training and breakout sessions, networking happy hours ... 🙂  In getting ready, I asked my coworkers what they like about NI Week,… Continue Reading