Web Handling Solutions

Optimation’s strength is the ability to implement the solutions and findings resulting from web handling consulting and development projects.

Optimation is an integrated, turnkey solution provider to the roll-to-roll manufacturing segment. Optimation’s expert technical and construction staff are poised to engineer, design, fabricate, install and commission production machinery to treat, coat, dry and measure a variety of flexible media-based products. Work with us in executing a project designed to deliver the results of your consulting and/or development project.

Turnkey Equipment Specification/Design/Build/InstallTurnkey Roll-to-Roll Machine

Optimation has the in-house capability to engineer an entire flexible web (roll to roll) process system, based on the MCF mandated equipment configurations and features, to meet your product need. The solution that Optimation would provide in this scenario would entail a combination of pre-engineered machine modules, coupled with custom designed/built pieces, all integrated in a way that provides you with the most cost effective and efficient manufacturing platform with which to produce your specific products.

  • Modular applied web equipment
  • Winder
  • Web Treatment
  • Static control
  • Custom designed
  • Total Production Line – Web module solution
    • Coating
    • Laminating
    • Converting

Equipment Upgrades

Optimation’s machine engineering staff, in concert with the recommendations from the MCF development efforts, would create specific machine upgrade specifications for your existing system improvements. These improvements would be designed to be “bolt on”, allowing Optimation’s shop to fabricate the needed hardware, and Optimation’s skilled trades personnel to install them into your line. Optimation’s technologists would then assist in commissioning and start up, providing a seamless implementation of this solution approach.

  • Precision Alignment
  • Wound roll quality
  • Winder, Unwinder modifications
  • Drives, Controls Equipment
  • Optimized conveyance components
    • Including rollers, airbars, pull roll, web guiders

Process Control UpgradesWeb Control Screen3

In many instances, your needed improvements, as demonstrated by the investigative effort and improvement recommendations generated by the MCF staff, do not necessarily require a hardware upgrade, but a controls system modification. Optimation’s staff of software specialists are well versed in web-based machine control issues, including managing tension, steering, integrating processing steps (e.g. coating, drying, treating, inspecting), roll winding, etc.

Optimation’s software team would be on call to provide needed support to implement the requisite instrumentation and programming changes to deliver the performance improvements per the MCF studies and recommendations.

Boundary Conditions

  • Determine optimal desired process window
  • Process controls and software upgrades
  • Process control/process verification systems
  • Process Instrumentation – real time
    • DAQ and Historian

Web Handling Component Selection

In this category of web handling improvements, the solution called for once Optimation’s MCF staff has provided its analysis and recommendations, will dictate a change at the client’s equipment component level (e.g. roller, actuator, sensor, motor, etc.). Optimation’s MCF engineers would work with our machine engineers to investigate standard work/existing designs and find a solution. This solution will usually take the form of component specifications and installation scope, that can be readily executed as an addition to the client’s existing line.

  • Splicing Methods/Roll Starts
    • Type (butt vs. lap)
    • Line Speed (zero speed vs. line speed)
  • Conveyance Methodology and Selection
  • Roller Selection
    • Surfaces
    • Geometry
    • Design
    • Spreader/Anti-wrinkle
  • Web Guiding
    • Side lay/Displacement/Steering
  • Winding Methods
    • Surface/Center/Combined

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