Web Handling Facility

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The Media Conveyance Facility provides a rich set of assets to leverage for innovative solutions, including web handling and development equipment, measurement equipment, intellectual property (IP), sophisticated, proven mathematical models and an exemplary team coupled with world class partners and alliances.

Web Handling Equipment and Measurement EquipmentMeasurement Equipment

The MCF has world class development equipment, including a thin web rewinder for very low tension/low traction experiments on ultra-thin webs, a laminator used for combining and peeling of different webs, and a narrow width rewinder that rounds out conveyance of our experimentation capability in width range of 1 to 5 inches.

The MCF has measurement capabilities that provide customers with the information required to understand and ensure robust and reliable web handling processes and performance. Leveraging our services will give you confidence that your roll-to-roll process will perform and deliver the products you require.

Intellectual Property (IP) / Models

The 140-year history of the MCF has yielded a rich array of intellectual property and applied models that the team leverages in providing clients the proper solution to a varied set of challenges. Leveraging models saves time and money when proving solutions for web handling and winding applications.

Professional Societies / Alliances

Our MCF team has worked in web handling for decades and has woven a team of professional alliances for optimum problem-solving strength. We have alliances with the team operating Kodak’s Pilot Coater Line and with TJ Walker + Associates. Our workshop series is just one way to tap into our combined knowledge. Professional societies include AIMCAL and Oklahoma State.

Web Handling TeamLaminator

Our team of experts is unparalleled in the industry, led by Dr. Kevin Cole. All of the MCF team has extensive experience in experimental design, trial implementation, new process development and manufacturing scale-up. Additionally, Optimation has Senior Engineers and Technologists offering over 100 years of experience in manufacturing and research testing, data collection, analysis and reporting. Experience includes management of a material characterization laboratory utilizing standard and customized test methods and equipment operating procedures. In addition, our team has analytical laboratory experience and partners with others to provide these capabilities when needed.

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