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We have a number of professionally published papers for a variety of web handling subjects, organized below by subject. Click on any title for instructions to receive the PDF.

Air Conveyance

The Fluid/Structure Interaction of a Thin Flexible Cylindrical Web Supported by an Air Cushion

A Two-Dimensional Model of the Fluid Dynamics of Air Reverser

A Numerical Solution of the Euler’s Equations with Nonlinear Source Terms in Modeling the Fluid Dynamics of an Air Reverser

Nip Mechanics

Roller Nip Deflections

Modeling of Nip Pressures and Web Feed Rates in Rubber Covered Nip Rollers

Measurement of Web Feed Rates in Rubber Covered Nip Roller applications and the Impact on Wrinkle Formation

Conveyance Roller Nip Mechanics

Measurement and Modeling of Nip Roller Feed Rates

Winding and Roller Traction

An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Web Traction Over a Non Vented Roller

A Model for Determining the Asperity Engagement Height in Relation to Web Traction Over Non-vented Rollers

Troubleshooting Web Scratches

Real Time Data Analytics As Applied To Web-To-Roller Traction In Manufacturing


Butt Splice Hinging

Tension Control

Pull Rollers: Plain, Vacuum and Unported “Pick the Right Pull Roller the First Time”


Machine Direction Buckles in Thin Film Winding

Gentle Wavy Defects in Knurled Wound Rolls

Winding of Interleaving Material

Modeling Air Entrainment and Temperature Effects in Winding

The Effects of Nonideal Webs on Roll Winding

The Effect of Air-Side Leakage in Roll Winding

A Thermoelastic Winding Model with Air Entrainment

A Model for the Prediction of Wound Roll Dishing

A Nonlinear Wound Roll Stress Model Accounting for Widthwise Web Thickness Nonuniformity


Wrinkling of Foils

Wrinkling of Wide Webs

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