Web Handling Consulting

We Identify the Root Causes of Common Web Defects

Web Tracking Web Weave
Roller Wear Web Foldover
Web Tension (Bagginess/Strain) Tight and Loose Winds
Excess Waste Web Tension Variations
Web Creasing Crossweb and Machine Direction Variations
Web Wrinkling Air Entrainment
Web Breakage Web Curling
Web Defects Delamination
Web Buckles Web Speed Variations
Winding Defects Lateral Dynamics


Nip System SolutionsNipSolutionsThumbnail

Improve your profitability by understanding your process nips and eliminating nip related defects such as web shifting, wrinkling, creasing, delamination and web curl.

Our Nip System Solutions are designed to help you:
  • Measure how your system is performing
  • Diagnose the cause of waste and variations
  • Recommend remedies for a more robust process
  • Nipped roller systems are difficult to diagnose and model due to the complex interaction of many variables. The ideal nip roller system for your process includes understanding:
    • Loading mechanism and structure
    • Rubber roller coverings
    • Web material properties
    • Web path mechanical behavior
    • Tensioning system
    • Web-to-roller traction

Machine Assessment ServicesMachine Assessment

Optimation provides machine assessment services. Our mission is to develop data driven knowledge of your process and equipment, leading to accurate and effective solutions to your unique challenges.

Our process expertise includes:

  • Machine Speed-Ups
  • Web Wrinkling, Creasing, Weave
  • Web Winding
  • Lamination
  • Slitting
  • Web Guiding and Registration
  • Aqueous and Solvent Coating Technology
  • Gauge Control
  • Tension Control
  • Drying
  • Micro Replication
  • Air Conveyance
  • Product / Process Quality Issues
  • Control system Design
  • Process Analysis, Troubleshooting and Development

Onsite Training

Onsite training provides the opportunity to participate in web handling classes, tailored to the materials and product running on your machines and dealing with the particular web handling issues of greatest importance to you. We work within your schedule, and because this training option doesn’t have a hands-on lab portion, we can often complete onsite training in a shorter period of time than our traditional seminar and lab-based training classes.

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