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  • Food Processing and Safe Food Supply - The United States has one of the highest quality and safest food supplies in the world.  This has been accomplished by a strong set of governmental regulations and enforcement and the ability for the average citizen to pay for this quality and safety.  Our food supply is so safe that whenever this wall of safety… Continue Reading
  • Making Time for A Medical Device Testing System - Time. It’s what everyone wants and needs more of, and it’s all metered out the same. When we think about time in the context of our work, it often falls into conversations like, “we are out of it” or “there’s not enough of it” or “I wish we had more of it.” The fact of… Continue Reading
  • The Essential First Step to Capital Project Success - If your business is growing and thriving, you may be at a point where you are seeking a capital improvement…you may know what you want to accomplish, and what benefits to your business you desire, but you’re not sure how to select the best approach?  This is a common dilemma that many of our clients… Continue Reading
  • It’s Time To Be Paranoid - Twenty years ago Andy Grove, then CEO of Intel, wrote a bestselling book on business, “Only the Paranoid Survive.”   In the book, Grove talks about inflection points that can cause changes that will impact the direction of the business and require a change in strategy to survive.  These changes can come from inside or outside… Continue Reading
  • Academic Pilot Coating Machine - Just this last summer, Optimation had a chance to provide a solution for a client, and in turn, the client's community and economy. Read the project profile below: New College Institute wanted to train the local workforce in Martinsville, VA. The local economy was primarily textile and furniture manufacturing related, with limited technical positions. Two… Continue Reading
  • Providing Engineering Services Remotely - In my last blog I talked about the Engineering Services Contract.  These are a great way to streamline and expedite the process of requesting and approving engineering service work.  Another way to economically provide engineering services is by performing them remotely.  We have employees located throughout the country to better service our customers, but it… Continue Reading
  • Service Call – Clock of Nations - Last week, Optimation's skilled tradesmen were called in to the Greater Rochester International Airport to troubleshoot and repair Rochester's beloved Clock of Nations, a functioning clock/work of art that once called Midtown Plaza home. Optimation was involved in the project to dismantle, refurbish and relocate the clock back in 2008.  Troubleshooting showed that a few… Continue Reading
  • Innovation and Manufacturing in the USA - We often lament the relocation of manufacturing from the United States to other countries.  But in spite of bad publicity, many manufacturers continue to do it so they can take advantage of lower labor costs and lower tax rates. To take full advantage of what those savings might be, the technology has to be mature… Continue Reading
  • Three Tips for Navigating Ambiguity in Achieving Growth for Your Business - There is tremendous uncertainty in business today and constant pressure to grow, expand, and excel.  Together with competitive pressures, complex economic operating conditions, and many other variables, we find ourselves often dealing with less than all the information we would like to have at our disposal. Failing to act is paralysis, and leads potentially to… Continue Reading
  • How to Get Started with your Industrial Automation Controls Project - As one of the industrial automation companies that assists clients in maintaining their competitive edge, we frequently participate in capital upgrade projects for industrial automation controls that embrace the application of automation as a means to keep production costs low and product quality consistently high.  We have frequently been invited to engage in our client’s… Continue Reading
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